Mailbag: How To Regain Interest in a Lost Season

Dear Internet Man Who
Lives in My Computer,
I have a question. This is the time in the fantasy baseball season when I have
trouble staying motivated. I start going away on weekends to go to weddings or
bachelor parties or the beach or, more likely, the office, and fantasy baseball
isn’t always the top item on my list of things to catch up on during the week.
Plus, especially in my points league, the status quo seems to be sorting stuff
out so I feel like I’m destined to finish in 4th to 7th place no matter what I
do. Nobody good is available on waivers, at least anybody who will make a real
difference in my performance, and I’m too lazy to trade with anybody but the
guy who low-balls me four times a day. Any advice about how to keep my interest
up and make a move?
PS – okay, maybe more like 6th to 9th place.


Hey, good to hear from you again Krod Mandoon.  How is your epic quest to ruin television
going?  From what I hear, you are almost
there.  Congrats.



Losing interest as the season goes on is a common problem,
though one not always caused by “my life is too awesome to care” syndrome,
which you seem to possess.  If I was
traveling every weekend to hang out with my friends or go to the beach, I’d
probably lose interest too.  Sounds pretty
nice.  Your office is probably on a
boat.  Jerk.


If you are still fielding trade offers and checking the
waiver wire, it sounds like you are not quite a lost cause yet, which is
terrific.  There is nothing worse than
being in a league where guys completely check out in May (Ok, maybe a couple
things are worse – plague, famine, Coldplay). 
I hope no matter how much you stop caring, you always log-in at least
once a week for 30 seconds to set your lineup. 
If you can’t do that, you should give up fantasy baseball as a hobby
because such behavior can ruin it for everyone. 
Now please put your hands up everyone, the only way I exit my soap box
is through crowd-surfing.


But since you seem to care a little about fantasy
baseball (you are reading this blog after all), here are four suggestions on
how to jumpstart your interest.

Blast Trade Email
– I find trade talks to be the best aspect of fantasy, but you say you’re too
lazy to deal with anyone but the guy who lowballs you.  It sounds to me that you mainly just don’t
want to think of trades yourself and merely want to react to those offered to
you.  Fair enough.  Take the time to send out a quick email to
everyone in the league naming specific people on your team you are looking to
trade.  Make sure the list includes at
least half of the ten best players on your team.  Once you bait the hook with top notch talent,
you’ll get offers back.  You can then
evaluate trades being brought to you and not have to think of your own from
scratch.  Maximum fun, minimal effort.  Perfect for a guy like you.



Acquire Guys You Like
– Fantasy baseball almost always makes you watch more of the real version.  Therefore use my first suggestion to trade
for as many guys you love to watch play as possible, even if you have to overpay.  If you are convinced you are not going to win
anyways, you might as well like your team. 
So go trade for a couple of Mets or pursue a mancrush on guys like Ian
Kinsler, Justin Verlander, Adam Dunn, or others who are a ton of fun to watch.


Irrational Feuds
– Another enjoyable aspect of fantasy sports is the trash talk that occurs on
the message board and over email.  I
suggest you pick one guy in the league (doesn’t really matter where they are in
the standings) and just start talking a mountain of trash about their
teams.  What you say doesn’t even have to
be true; as long as it is funny no one will care.  Pick on the guy over and over again.  An irrational feud will develop and as long
as the attacks don’t become personal, good times will ensue.  This only works in leagues among friends
though.  Strangers tend to either ignore
these attacks (normal, balanced behavior) or respond with tons of cursing,
threats, and misspellings (hello psychos). 
Either way, it’s not as much fun.


Side Bets -Sounds
like part of your problem is that no matter what you do, you lack the belief you can win the league.  While that
may be true over the course of the entire season, you can always win over
shorter periods of time if the slate is wiped clean.  Find other people who are bored and start
placing side wagers over specific amounts of time like a month, a week, even a
day.  Use the standings to create
odds.  If the two teams are not within 2
places of each other in the standings, the higher placed team has to give an
extra 25% in odds (ie the 1st place team would have to give the 4th
place team 5/4 and the 5th place team 3/2).  Winner gets as many units of pride as were


This method is perfect for points leagues.  Simply record the standings on the day the
bet starts and subtract it from the standings the day the bet ends.  You don’t have to keep track of all the
various stats in between, just the point totals.  You’ll regain the thrill of competition with
hardly any extra work.  Gives you more
time to hang out on your boat.  Jerk.

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Just today – I spent a lot of time looking at the players I could pick up for my team and I made some moves. And totally sweating up that I did the right thing.


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