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Marry, Bury, Date – Week 1


It’s fitting that in my first attempt to give expert advice,
I turn to a childhood game for inspiration. 
And not just any childhood game. 
Marry, Bury, Date is a staple of slumber parties and has resulted in
more giggling and bright red faces than a Lou Piniella tirade.  Since I’m sure my suggestions will be met
with both disparaging laughter and angry responses, the game seems apropos.


The premise of the game is simple.  Three names are thrown out and the
participants must pick which one they would Marry (ie commit to long-term),
Bury (get rid of forever), or Date (could be fun in the short-term).  When considering trade offers or waiver wire
pick-ups, fantasy players are faced with these same three decisions all the
time, so in an effort to help aid these choices, I’ll name one player who I
like for the rest of the season, one player who I think could help in the
short-term, and one guy I wouldn’t touch in this space each week.

jr high prom.jpg


After I’m done, if you want to whisper to the player that I
“like ’em, like ’em” that’s up to you. 
If you do, I look forward to the awkwardness that ensues all the way
through the Junior High Prom.  Maybe I’ll
get my courage up and ask them to dance during “Endless Love.” 


This week’s picks are below.