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Mailbag – FAAB Management and Point Break 2




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2 Questions for the


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1) There are a
plethora of guides out there for the average fantasy player to reference to
establish the value of a player during draft time. But, I know of nothing
comparable to reference when using a FAAB budget for picking up a player off of
the waiver wire. Is there a good place to go to get an idea of how much to bid
on a player who is on the waiver wire? If there is nothing out there, do you
have any ground rules that you can suggest? In my league ($100 FAAB), I have routinely
seen people bid $0 for a player, but then I have also seen bids on what I
considered average pick-ups balloon to as high as $14.


Great question.  As a
quick primer, FAAB is short for Free Agent Acquisition Budget and it serves as
an alternative to waiver wires for distributing free agents.  It’s basically a mini-auction held every week
and if your league doesn’t use it, I highly recommend you consider implementing
it next year, as it’s both a fairer way to distribute free agents and a lot of
fun (who wouldn’t want to have a mini version of draft day every week?)


I agree with you, weekly guidelines for FAAB bidding are
seemingly sparse across the internet, which is shocking when you consider the
amount of content devoted to this silly hobby of ours each and every week.  The only dedicated column to the subject I
know about is written by Jeff Erickson at Rotowire, but its part of their pay
content.  So unless you are willing to
part with real bucks to get some guidance on how to spend your fake bucks, you
are on your own.


I guess one of the problems with creating a blanket
guideline for FAAB is the price determination is incredibly fact specific, as
the value of a player can swing wildly based on budget, mixed-league vs solo
league, shallowness of the league, number of bench spots, etc.  Assuming you aren’t in a solo league where
there is a serious incentive to hoard as much FAAB as possible in case a star
is traded across leagues, I think there are three primary factors to consider:

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