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Fantasy Baseball Expert Interview: Mike Kuchera


back to the newest installment in our series of interviews aimed at giving
readers insight into the minds and backgrounds of those fantasy writers and
pundits who have reached the level of “expert.” It seems there
has been an explosion in the number of people claiming the title in the last
few years, but no one seems to know where they come from. These interviews
aim to change all that, while also giving aspiring “experts” (such as
myself) some advice on both how to break into the industry and ways to improve
your fantasy skills.

Our guest this week is Mike Kuchera, podcast pioneer and
founder of The Fantasy Man.


your opinion, what makes you a fantasy expert? (basically the polite way of
asking – why should people listen to you?)

I’m just a guy that loves fantasy sports. Its not like I have a Bachelor’s
degree in Fantasy Sports or a minor in Stat-o-nomics. No such thing. I was one
of the first to put myself out there on the Internet as someone who was
knowledgeable and someone who could help beginners and even some
experienced players win their leagues. From that, people started to recognize
me as an expert. I did not give myself that title. When I started, I just
wanted to be the first guy to offer free advice and talk about fantasy sports,
and it just grew from there.