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Mailbag – How Soon Is Too Soon?




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Hello everyone


Each Wednesday, I’m going to answer a question from the
comments or my email, so if you have a question (about fantasy baseball or
anything else), let it fly in the comment section below.  Here is
this week’s question.

Toby, I have a
question. My problem is that I have no patience. If a guy has a bad couple
weeks, I want to drop him. Every time this happens, some other manager picks
the guy up and naturally he goes on a tear. Of course, I learn from this, and
the next time a guy’s in a slump, I hold onto him. When I do, naturally, he
continues to suck.  So, tell me, please,
Toby, how to solve this problem?




starting lineup.jpg

Well first of all, I’d like to say welcome to the “my
actions can effect real life sports events” club.  I’d like to say we are exclusive, but that’s
a tough claim to make when millions of people feel the same way.  Some people have their lucky t-shirt, others
have a spot on the couch they must sit on. 
One writer here at MLBlogs eats the same meal each day as long as they
Yankees are winning.  Me?  My TV is above my fireplace, so I often build
fires and offer sacrifices to the sports gods. 
So far it’s been innocuous stuff like newspaper articles about the
opposing team, but I’m thinking of simulating human sacrifice by tossing in vintage
Starting Lineup figures this year.


Second of all, I didn’t know Krod Mandoon was a Mets fan,
but I do know I’m bloody sick of those commercials.  When watching “The Daily Show”, I’d rather be
told “size matters” for the 3,000th time by the roided up Bow-flex
guys than see these neverending promos for a show that is so epically bad.


Your question is a great one and it plagues everyone who has
ever picked up the fantasy game (by the way, we need a cool phrase like “laced
up the cleats” or “strapped on a helmet” for fantasy players.  I’m going to toss out “cheered for a kicker”
for now, but I need to give this more thought). 
If you are overly reactionary, you may have done something last year
like trade Ryan Howard for Jay Bruce, in which case you certainly lost your
league.  On the other hand, if you never
make a move, you probably rode Eric Byrnes or Travis Hafner straight into the


Unfortunately, there is no one answer to your
question.  When considering whether to
fish or cut bait, you need to weigh the factors below.

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