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Mailbag: Too Many Birds In The Bush?




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This may be a dumb
question, but here it is: in one of my leagues, I’ve got Brian Roberts, Nick
Markakis, Aubrey Huff, and Matt Wieters waiting in the wings. I’m thinking of
trading for Adam Jones. I like all of those players, but a part of me thinks I
shouldn’t stock my lineup with too many players from one team. Is this an
irrational thought? Is there a downside to having all of those players when I
actually think they will all produce well?


In this blog there is no such thing as dumb questions, only
dumb answers.



Your line of thinking here certainly is not irrational.  Marketing a soft drink through a commercial
where two guys jump into each other and explode into a liquid that showers
those around them in what is somehow a refreshing and non-creepy manner?  Now that’s irrational (Sprite – Drink Your
Friends!).  Owning that many guys in
one lineup does carry some risk.  If the
Orioles slump or run into a few hot pitchers, then your fantasy team will
suffer along with them (by the way, is this Clarence Royce?  How did you end up with so many Orioles?)


This is especially true if you play in a weekly,
head-to-head league.  In that format, I
don’t like to roster too many guys from one team.  If they face a couple of buzzsaws that week
and get shut down, you will almost certainly lose your matchup.  However, these things tend to balance out
over the course of a season, so under a roto format the risk is significantly


Overall, this isn’t fantasy football where touchdowns drive
success and there are only so many of those to go around per team.  All your guys can get theirs without harming
anyone else in the lineup.  So if you are
convinced all of your guys will produce and you got good value on each of them,
go ahead and make the trade, especially if you play in a roto league.  As long as each guy puts up the stat levels
you expect from them, it doesn’t really matter what uniform they wear and you
can always make a move later when Wieters gets called up if you actually think
having half the Baltimore lineup is effecting your squad.  Plus, it definitely makes it easier to follow
your fantasy team and you can cue up the video below to fire yourself up each
night.  It’s a hot jam by an artist of
today.  Orioles Magic!