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Fantasy Baseball Expert Interview – Junkyard Jake


Welcome to the first in a series of interviews aimed to give readers some insight into the minds and backgrounds of those fantasy writers and pundits who have reached the level of “expert.”  It seems there has been an explosion in the number of people claiming the title in the last few years, but no one seems to know where they come from.  These interviews aim to change all that, while also giving aspiring “experts” (such as myself) some advice on both how to break into the industry and ways to improve your fantasy skills.


Our first guest is RC Rizza of Junkyard Jake, a terrific writer who has been involved in the fantasy industry since 1998.


In your opinion, what makes you a fantasy expert? (basically the polite way of asking – why should people listen to you?)


Well, first off, I think the term ‘fantasy expert’ is perhaps a bit of a specious term on par with ‘Grand Dungeon Master’ or ‘Federal Reserve Chairman’, but essentially, to be an ‘expert’ associated with anything requires acute interest supported by diligent research.  As it relates to fantasy baseball, I think the most knowledgeable writers/commentators are really just rabid baseball fans with a keen eye for evaluating talent, the ability to absorb scouting information and a modicum of number crunching skills thrown in for good measure.

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