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Draft Recap


Just like everyone else, draft day is the highlight of my year.  It marks a crescendo for the swell of excitement that accompanies a new baseball season and it occurs before reality comes crashing down round you.  Your season has not yet been derailed by injuries, poor performance and poorer judgment.  On this glorious day anything is possible, and all that matters is potential; in your players, in your team, in yourself (man, that’s some deep stuff, I should be writing Hallmark cards, though I’m not sure “Draft Day:  Enjoy it because every other day sucks” will be a big hit.) 

With a hop in my step and a song in my heart (unfortunately, it was “Loser” by Beck), I entered the draft room for the 2009 Fantasy Baseball Search Expert League.  The league is an H2H 5×5 (OBP instead of AVG), 21 starters (only 1 C and 4 OF’s in addition to the usuals) and six bench spots.  The event took place on March 3rd, right before the A-Rod news rocked the fantasy world.  The following is a recap of what happened.

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