Fantasy Baseball Expert Interview: Geoff Stein


Welcome back to the newest installment in our series of
interviews aimed at giving readers insight into the minds and backgrounds of
those fantasy writers and pundits who have reached the level of
“expert.” It seems there has been an explosion in the number of
people claiming the title in the last few years, but no one seems to know where
they come from. These interviews aim to change all that, while also giving
aspiring “experts” (such as myself) some advice on both how to break
into the industry and ways to improve your fantasy skills.


Our guest this week is Geoff Stein, the operations manager
for Mock Draft Central.


your opinion, what makes you a fantasy expert? (basically the polite way of
asking – why should people listen to you?)

I don’t think people should listen to me.  I like to point things out and
allow people to make their own choices/decisions.  I’m not a “do this”/”don’t
do that” type of writer;  instead I
focus on producing an original, entertaining piece that makes people

You were recently
elected to the board of directors of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.  What do you hope to accomplish during your

It was an honor to be elected to the board by my peers, and I look forward to
representing every member of the FSTA. My main goal is to make sure that
everyone’s — regardless of the size of their company or standing in the
industry — voice is heard. I love ESPN, Yahoo and CBS, and love the work they
do, but it’s my goal to make sure the guy writing a blog in his mom’s basement
feels just as welcome in the FSTA and that their voice is heard and taken



As a member of the
board, you get to help shape the future of the industry. What changes do you
think are coming over the next few years?

I worry a lot about the line between fantasy games and gambling. The industry
has already stood up to lawsuits from MLB and the NFLPA, but we’re a board
congressman away from some real challenges – especially with the anti-gambling
laws the government has established over the past few years.


How many years have
you been playing fantasy?

11 years
How many years have you been writing?
How did you get your start?
Replied to an ad on my college’s website looking for a part-time Fantasy Sports
writer.  I worked hard, and it’s now my full-time job.
What made you want to get into the

Always wanted to do something with sports — whether Fantasy or not.  Have come to love the industry, and wouldn’t
trade it for the world.


What advice
would you have specific for people who want to break into the

Be different, do your own thing — make yourself stick out.


Favorite team?

Favorite player?
Cecil Fielder
Favorite fantasy memory/moment?
My first draft/article to appear in a preview magazine.
What advice would you have for
people who are playing in their first season?

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
Who is your single favorite fantasy
writer at a site other than your own?

Not a huge fan of reading others’ work.  There’s plenty of good stuff out
there, but I prefer to remain neutral, to try and keep my writings original.
Do you enjoy fantasy sports more or less
since you entered the industry (as opposed to when you just played them)?

Less, for sure.  I’m extremely blessed to work full-time in the industry,
but I need a break away from it every now and then.  That doesn’t happen
very much now-a-days; that’s not a bad thing, though.
Do you enjoy sports more or less?
Less, again.  I love my job, but a lot of times, people think it defines
who I am.  I still love sports, but a good chunk of it is still a job to


Mock Draft Central
has become an absolute must-use tool for fantasy players. Anything new coming
down the pike over there that will help owners prepare for upcoming seasons?

We’re always looking for ways to improve the site, and do have some ideas.
That’s as much as I can let out of the bag right now 🙂
Given that your site practically
invented the term, do you stick strictly to Average Draft Position when selecting
your own teams or do you deviate from it quite a bit?

Personally, I think people take ADP too seriously — it’s a guide, not a bible.
I liken drafts to snowflakes, no two are the same, and all that it takes is one
crazy pick to make an ADP list a little less useful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a
valuable tool, but it’s not the be-all/end-all that many make it out to be.

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