Marry, Bury, Date: Week 7

Welcome back to another week of Marry, Bury, Date — the
childhood game I’ve hijacked to provide the framework for my initial foray into
providing expert fantasy baseball advice.


The premise of the game is simple.  Three names are thrown out and the participants
must pick which one they would Marry (ie commit to long-term), Bury (get rid of
forever), or Date (could be fun in the short-term).  When considering trade offers or waiver wire
pick-ups, fantasy players are faced with these same three decisions all the
time, so in an effort to help aid these choices, I’ll name one player who I
like for the rest of the season, one player who I think could help in the
short-term, and one guy I wouldn’t touch in this space each week.



After I’m done, if you want to whisper to the player that I
“like ’em, like ’em” that’s up to you. 
If you do, I look forward to the awkwardness that ensues all the way
through the Junior High Prom.  Maybe I’ll
get my courage up and ask them to dance during All-4-One’s “I Swear.”


This week’s picks are below.



Kendry Morales – There
is a lot to like about Morales.  He’s
young (25), but not too young and already has over 500 career at-bats.  He raked in the minors, batting .332 with an
OPS over .900.  And he’s the only Kendry
in the history of baseball and possibly in the history of time so if he
continues to excel in Anaheim he could end up a first name only superstar like
Ichiro or Seal (it’s a pretty sweet name, really rolls off the tongue).


Better yet, he’s playing every day in a solid lineup, is
eligible at both first base and the outfield, and is starting to flash some
serious power.  While I was writing this
column, Kendry hit two homers, the second being an absolute moon shot.  He’s going to be a very popular pick-up this
week and if you have any dead weight on your roster, I’d be among those
buying.  I think he’s a lock to end up
with 25+ homers and 90+ RBIs and can back-up half your lineup because of his
positional flexibility.  As I said, lots
to like here.





Armando Gallarraga
– Because of his recent struggles, the young Tigers pitcher is unstartable
right now and since he’s in danger of losing his rotation spot, he’s quickly
becoming unownable as well.  This is definitely
the case in shallow and regular leagues, as there are at least a half-dozen
pitchers with lower ownership numbers that I would certainly rather own right
now.  The list includes Edwin Jackson,
Jarrod Washburn, Randy Wolf, Ubaldo Jimenez, Scott Richmond, Dave Bush, Jordan
Zimmermann, Jorge De La Rosa, and Steve Nebraska (currently owned in zero
leagues, but that’s only because he’s not real. 
Though I hear he was based on Stephen Strasburg).




Mat Gamels – Here
is a perfect guy to date.  He’s in the
bigs, but no one knows for how long so you don’t want to mortgage the future to
get him.  He made his debut last night
and provided a nearly perfect microcosm for his current abilities, hitting a
three-run homer in the third, but committing an error in the seventh.  He apparently plays the field worse than Kate
Hudson and the Brewers will be hard pressed to play him everyday at third if he
doesn’t quickly improve.


But with interleague play starting this weekend, he’s
guaranteed short term at-bats as the DH and if he rakes, he could make it real
tough for the Brewers to send him back down. 
He’s absolutely worth a flier if you have any space at all on your team
and you should move on him now so you get the short-term benefits of his
upcoming at-bats where he’s capable of putting up big-time power numbers in a


Thanks for reading, tomorrow is the mailbag, so leave any
questions you may have in the comments below.


How many disturbing pictures of weddings do you have, sir? I don’t know how to feel about reading this blog knowing that you are the kind of person who is able to come up with new photos like the one above every week.

Dear Internet Man Who Lives in My Computer,
I have a question. This is the time in the fantasy baseball season when I have trouble staying motivated. I start going away on weekends to go to weddings or bachelor parties or the beach or, more likely, the office, and fantasy baseball isn’t always the top item on my list of things to catch up on during the week. Plus, especially in my points league, the status quo seems to be sorting stuff out so I feel like I’m destined to finish in 4th to 7th place no matter what I do. Nobody good is available on waivers, at least anybody who will make a real difference in my performance, and I’m too lazy to trade with anybody but the guy who low-balls me four times a day. Any advice about how to keep my interest up and make a move?
PS – okay, maybe more like 6th to 9th place.

Any suggestions for how to replace Rickie Weeks? It’s a 12 team league with an MI spot, so needless to say, the 2B and SS options on the wire are pretty Weeks.

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