Marry, Bury, Date: Week 4

Welcome back to another week of Marry, Bury, Date — the
childhood game I’ve hijacked to provide the framework for my initial foray into
providing expert fantasy baseball advice.


The premise of the game is simple.  Three names are thrown out and the participants
must pick which one they would Marry (ie commit to long-term), Bury (get rid of
forever), or Date (could be fun in the short-term).  When considering trade offers or waiver wire
pick-ups, fantasy players are faced with these same three decisions all the
time, so in an effort to help aid these choices, I’ll name one player who I
like for the rest of the season, one player who I think could help in the
short-term, and one guy I wouldn’t touch in this space each week.


prom blazers.jpg

After I’m done, if you want to whisper to the player that I
“like ’em, like ’em” that’s up to you. 
If you do, I look forward to the awkwardness that ensues all the way
through the Junior High Prom.  Maybe I’ll
get my courage up and ask them to dance during Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be.” 


This week’s picks are below.



Nick Johnson – I
know, I know, I’m a Nats homer, but hear me out.  While Johnson may get injured more frequently
than CTU agents, he’s equally as effective when he’s in the field and right
now, he’s got a clean bill of health. 
While he won’t provide elite production and he does play a deep
position, he will help boost your team in both the average and runs categories
and he’s available for free in most leagues. 


The last time he was healthy (2006), he finished the season
with a .948 OPS and 100 runs scored.  Now
he’s batting second in a lineup that has significantly more fire power (let’s just
say the immortal Nook Logan would not be a part of this team) and has started
out the season hitting .373.  Look for
him to post a final line around .300/23/85 with 110 runs scored and be
extremely useful to fantasy owners who waited to fill their corner infield
position or need a long-term fill-in when players like Derek Lee go on the DL.




paris singing.jpg

Chone Figgins
To be fair, I’ve always disliked Figgins, which is strange since I really like
Juan Pierre.  So I would never own him,
but if I did, I’d be selling.  Chances
are you selected him on draft day for the steals and he hasn’t disappointed,
swiping seven bags this year.  But he looks
more uncomfortable at the plate than Paris Hilton on karaoke night when one of
her own songs is coming up (no way she knows the words).  As soon as pitchers start challenging him
rather than walking him, he’s going to have far fewer opportunities to display
his stealing skills.  I’d move him right
now to a speed needy owner before it’s too late.




Edwin Jackson
The Detroit hurler was a popular preseason sleeper among many writers here at,
so hopefully you’ve already moved on him and have enjoyed his early season
success.  But if not, you should go grab
him while the going is good.  The change
of scenery has done wonders, as he’s sporting a 2.77 ERA and 1.04 WHIP so far
this year.  He’s still only 25 years old
and has always had significant potential, so it’s possible that he could
blossom into this year’s Zach Greinke (who I stumbled into owning last year
when I picked him up just to make more “Saved By The Bell” jokes.  I wish I was kidding).  He’s definitely worth grabbing if he’s still
available in your league, but since his Batting Average Against currently sits
80 points below his career average, he can’t quite be trusted for the whole
year yet.  Grab him now to take advantage
of his hot start, but be ready to move him in the coming months, hopefully
before the correction hits.


Thanks for reading, tomorrow is the mailbag, so leave any
questions you may have in the comments below.

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