Bonus Mailbag: Top Fantasy Rookies

Since my Expert League matchup is fairly dull right now (I’m
down 2-7-1 going into the weekend, but due to a fluke of scheduling, I’ve only
had one starter pitch so far) and I’ve got to post something or there will be
dozens of people in the world with an extra 45 seconds to kill, here is a bonus
mailbag question.



Long time reader,
third time poster here. Who are your early favorites for fantasy ROY pitcher
and position player?


david price.jpg

Impressive spelling of my name.  I’ve seen it with one “e” before but not
two.  I guess the extra one is short for
“extraordinarily adequate” which is the perfect way to describe me.


You do pose an interesting question though.  The favorites for the Rookie of the Year Award (at least in the AL) are probably Matt Wieters and David Price, but since
both are still in the minors, it’s entirely possible that other players end up
having a greater fantasy impact this year. 
In fact, Wieters and Price are actually hurting fantasy players who
participate in leagues with short benches right now, as they are taking up
valuable real estate without providing any production.


However, the rumor winds are starting to gust saying Price
will be pitching in Tampa by the first week of May.  If they prove true and he joins the rotation
in place of the struggling Jeff Niemann, he’ll throw about 150 innings this
year.  With the backing of that powerful offense
and with Price’s huge strikeout potential, it would be foolish to think another
rookie pitcher will have a bigger fantasy impact this year. 


That being said, Jordan Zimmermann’s debut with the
Nationals, while not spectacular, proved he belongs on the big league level and
with no one pushing him for his rotation spot, he’ll finish the season as a Top
50 starting pitcher and is thus ownable in all but the shallowest of leagues.


octomom poster.jpg

On the hitter’s side, my current crush on Dexter Fowler is
well documented, so he’s got to be my choice. 
Because of Fowler, Seth Smith is becoming irrelevant faster than
Octomom, as Fowler is playing nearly every day.  At the top of that Rockies lineup, he’s going
to score 100 runs, while stealing 25-30 bags and hitting 15-20 homers.  If Wieters doesn’t come up until June, he’ll
likely hit 5-10 more homers than Fowler on the season while stealing 25 less
bags and scoring 30 less runs.  Depending
on your league format, for this year and this year only, I’d rather have Fowler
and his full season’s worth of production over the much-hyped Wieters.

Tomorrow we’ll have an interview with Ryan Hallam of Fighting Chance Fantasy.  If you have any questions for Ryan, leave them in the comments below.


You really thing Wieters will hit 20-30 homers with a June call-up?

This may be a dumb question, but here it is: in one of my leagues, I’ve got Brian Roberts, Nick Markakis, Aubrey Huff, and Matt Wieters waiting in the wings. I’m thinking of trading for Adam Jones. I like all of those players, but a part of me thinks I shouldn’t stock my lineup with too many players from one team. Is this an irrational thought? Is there a downside to having all of those players when I actually think they will all produce well?

Is trading howard for morneau good?

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