The Least Anticipated Preview In The History Of The Internets

As we kill time waiting for opening day, the web is overflowing with baseball previews.  There are columns chocked full of predictions for MVPs, World Series winners, milestones reached, and everything else fans should look for in the upcoming season.  It’s a great time for sports writers, as they can churn out these opinions without any regard for real accuracy, as by the time you are proven wrong, no one will remember what you said.  What a gig.


washingtongenerals 2.jpgNot one to rock the boat, I want to give you a preview column of my own.  I’ll leave the fortune-telling to the pros, except to say this – Washington will improve by 20 wins this year and no longer be the laughingstock of the league.  And yes, to be clear, I’m talking about the Nationals, not the Generals, who some of you might think have a better chance.


Instead, I want to give you a roadmap of what you can expect to appear in this space for the rest of the baseball season.  In an effort to build up a community and keep my incoherence to a minimum, I’m going to attempt to create a structure to each week’s posting schedule.  So without further ado, I present to you the least anticipated preview in the history of the internets.


440_BvlGlass_200x200.jpgThe entries will be divided into several parts, with each day having its own theme.  Some posts will be devoted to covering my experience playing in this “expert league”, with a recap/preview column leading off each week.  The overarching goal here is to really share the experience of playing in an expert league with the readers.  And I do mean share.  Because I am not yet a full-fledged fantasy guru and don’t have my reputation on the line, I invite each of you to play along (kind of like a Welcome To The Show home edition.  Those things were sweet but they seemed to have been killed by video games, though I suspect Pat Sajak still passes them out like Halloween candy). 


While that may sound strange, I know there are plenty of players out there who think they could outfox the experts with various trades and roster moves.  Here is your chance.  Any trade suggestion left in the comments or emailed to me, I’ll actually propose to my opponents in this league to test its feasibility.  Any roster move suggested, I’ll give full consideration.  I’ll take advice on setting rosters and skipping starters.  Anything you want to run across me, I’m all ears and through me, you can get an idea of how your moves would work in a league full of the fantasy industry’s best.


Another set of posts will be dedicated towards me trying to become an actual fantasy baseball expert.  Some of them will contain advice on players, some will answer any questions you may have about your own fantasy teams (or any other topic, all subjects are fair game), and some will contain my rambling thoughts on the subject (ok, all of them will have these). 


Finally, each Friday will feature an interview with an established expert that will help us understand how they got where they are and giving advice to all of us who wish to get there, as well as thoughts on players and answers to any questions that you want to submit.  After all these interviews, we should have a better understanding of what makes these guys experts and what it takes to break into the industry.  Maybe then people will stop asking Matthew Berry about the topic every chat, freeing him up to answer more questions about Jeff Franceour.


So there you go, that’s our roadmap for the year, or at least for how I am going to start off.  The real beauty of the internet in general and blogging specifically lies in its fluidity. If something isn’t working, I’ll be happy to make changes and if you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to float them my way.


Tune in tomorrow when we’ll have our first interview of the year.  This week’s subject is my opening week opponent, RC Rizza of Junkyard Jake.  If you have any questions for RC, leave them in the comments and I’ll send them along.



Toby–starting at square 1, what information that you learned last year did you find to be most important or most helpful in attempting to analyze/predict a player’s fantasy worth? I used to be a baseball fan, then lived under a rock for 10 years, and am trying to rekindle the interest.


That’s a great question. Rather than leave a long rambling comment, I’ll do a long, rambling post dedicated to it next week. Look for it Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thanks a lot for reading and keep the great questions coming

– Toby

I think that once a week you should do a post called “Love/Hate” where you list players that you love and players that you hate, in each case more or less than the average rankings. That would be really cool!

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